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Connect4Learning (C4L) is an interdisciplinary early childhood prekindergarten curriculum, funded by the National Science Foundation, which aims to synthesize research-based approaches in four domains of learning: literacy, mathematics, science, and social-emotional development. C4L uses an interdisciplinary approach to address growing concerns that the majority of preschool instructional time is devoted to literacy at the expense of other content areas, particularly math and science.


Connect4Learning: The Pre-K Curriculum is a research-based, interdisciplinary curriculum that is comprised of six units and 32 weeks of learning centers and lessons.

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  • Unit1 Connecting

    Unit 1

    Connecting with School and Friends

  • Unit2 Environment

    Unit 2

    Our Environment

  • Unit3 Structures

    Unit 3

    How Structures Are Built

  • Unit4 Exploring

    Unit 4

    Exploring Museums

  • Unit5 Growingourgarden

    Unit 5

    Growing Our Garden

  • Unit6 Grown

    Unit 6

    How We've Grown

I love the interdisciplinary nature of the units. My students are highly engaged because everything they do is connected and has a clear purpose.

Laura Castillo ECE Teacher, DU Learning Lab


C4L also includes all of the specific items required to implement the curriculum, including both classroom materials and a book collection. Each kit contains more than 100 items and features dozens of custom-made pieces unique to the curriculum.

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Math Games

Connect4Learning: The Pre-K Curriculum includes a series of computer learning activities designed to address learning trajectories in mathematics and to solidify classroom learning. Through practice and repetition of early mathematics concepts, these games help children foster deeper conceptual thinking and develop competence in key skills, such as counting and sorting. Each game corresponds to a given unit and lessons within the curriculum. The difficulty of each game increases as children's abilities progress.

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C4L also features a teacher's handbook to support the daily implementation of the curriculum and to ensure that each learning experience follows educational best practices. The handbook offers guidance to enhance teachers' understanding of learning trajectories and specific teaching techniques as well as suggestions for daily routines and transitions, play experiences, and more.

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Photo Assessment


C4L incorporates formative assessment as a regular part of daily Small Group lessons, where teachers interact one-on-one with children and are able to closely observe each child. Small group lessons with literacy learning objectives use the literacy formative assessment sheet, rather than a lesson-specific worksheet.

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Online Portal

The C4L Online Portal serves as an invaluable classroom management tool and features hundreds of helpful resources and tools to support teachers, families, and administrators.

  • Lesson Planner

    Plan, organize, and customize your daily schedule

  • Teacher/Class Profile

    Create a digital teacher and classroom portfolio to store and add student data and records

  • Resource Hub

    Add, download, and print curriculum resources

  • Family Portal

    Allow families to track children's progress and identify how best to support their learning

  • Online Learning Modules

    Each unit-specific module provides teachers support related to new concepts introduced as well as continuing activities.

  • Customer Support

    Access to customer service and support