Professional Development

Effective support and training are keys to the successful implementation of any curriculum. Educators who understand and support a curriculum's goals and objectives are more likely to implement the curriculum as it was intended and to promote positive outcomes for all young children. C4L recognizes the importance of providing effective curriculum-implementation training as well as ongoing opportunities for educators to learn and enhance their professional knowledge, skills, and practices.

While the teacher's handbook is an excellent place to start when implementing Connect4Learning for the first time, C4L users may also take advantage of the following professional-development opportunities:

Videos of Lessons in Action

Educators will find hundreds of lesson videos in the C4L Online Portal accessible via These videos are designed to provide the lesson-by-lesson support educators need to ensure an effective curriculum implementation. Each video offers a real-life example of how a lesson takes place in the classroom.

Online and In-Person Professional Development

Connect4Learning offers a variety of online and in-person training opportunities. All professional development is aligned to NAEYC and state standards and is delivered with the goal of effective curriculum implementation in mind. Coaching and mentoring opportunities are also available.