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Ready, Set, Subitize This!

Connect4Learning uses a very specific approach, called the learning-trajectories approach, to incorporate math into the curriculum in a developmentally appropriate way. Using this approach, children learn key mathematic topics and skills, including numbers, quantities, geometric and spatial reasoning, and measurement.

But, there’s always room for fun and games! (After all, children learn best through play.) That’s why Connect4Learning lessons are based on children’s experiences and interests, while supporting mathematical thinking and reasoning.

Keep this quality math learning going strong at home! Share the following subitizing activity with families today.

Subitizing Activity for Families

Subitizing is probably an unfamiliar word to you. But, it’s a very important math skill for preschoolers. It means the ability to instantly recognize how many objects are in a group.

Try the following subitizing game with your child. Your child has played this game many times in the classroom, so she may recognize it.

  • Grab materials. Gather up to 8 objects, all the same, such as small blocks, raisins, pieces of cereal, beads, buttons, etc.
  • Place 2-3 under a cloth. Starting with smaller numbers, such as 2 or 3 objects, place them, slightly spaced, under a cloth to hide them (napkin, washcloth, etc.). Tell your child that, when you remove the cloth, he should use his eyes and brain like a camera and quickly take a “picture” of what he sees.
  • Reveal! Quickly uncover the objects. Then, show them for about two seconds, and then cover them again.
  • How many? Ask your child to show with his fingers how many objects he saw.
  • Check his answer. Uncover the objects to check his answer. Ask him to say how many he sees.
  • Repeat. Repeat several times, with different numbers of objects. Use larger quantities if your child is successful with smaller quantities.