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Celebrate Mom with Emergent Writing!

Show Families How Children Can Use a Fun Emergent Writing Activity to Celebrate Mom This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is upon us!

Families are probably used to their children creating beautiful crafts, cards and gifts in the classroom and bringing them home to celebrate holidays throughout the year. But, some holidays will look a little bit different this year.

Share the following activity with families to help them teach their children emergent literacy skills while celebrating Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Activity for Families

This year’s Mother’s Day falls during The Great Pause, when many children are home from school. But that doesn’t mean children can’t celebrate mom with fun (and educational) crafts this year!

In fact, this at-home Mother’s Day presents a great opportunity to help preschoolers practice writing and drawing to convey a message and express kindness and gratitude.

Moms everywhere are always proud to see their young child’s budding skills. Take this opportunity to show your child how to build emergent writing skills, while creating a homemade gift for mom!

  1. Gather materials. Gather construction paper or another type of paper, crayons, pencils, or markers
  2. Address the card. Write “To: ____________________ at the top of the page, and write “From: _____________ beneath it. Help your child write Mom (Mama, Mommy, etc.) in the first space, and her name in the second space.
  3. Encourage empathy. Ask your child to tell you why he loves his mom so much. Give an example if needed.
  4. Repeat back what your child said. Work with her to get the exact message clarified.
  5. Write the message. Begin writing your child’s message. Pause along the way, and ask your child to write some letters or words, if possible. Emphasize the first sound in one or more words, and ask your child to write the letter that makes that sound. My m-m-mom makes my favorite f-f-food. What letter makes the m-m-m sound? Can you write that letter? How about the f-f-f sound? Can you write the letter that makes that sound? Have an alphabet chart nearby so your child can look at it, if needed. Provide as much help as needed. Learning to write is a challenging skill that emerges slowly, with much practice and support.
  6. Decorate. Ask your child to decorate the page with drawings or stickers.
  7. Share and celebrate! Have your child present her masterpiece to Mom on her special day!